Well, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck me.

I’m old, Crashers. Old as hell. You know how I know?

It will be 21 years this November that the original Crash Bandicoot was released on the PS1.

21 years, my friends… 

I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t recognise the iconic name or image of Crash Bandicoot. So the question remains, why has it taken THIS LONG to get a remaster when so many other unworthy titles have been chewed up and spit out?

Well, I think the answer lies within the question. When you take on a project like this, you make sure you do it well, you make sure the right people are doing it, and you make sure the final product meets expectations.

So without further ado let’s take a look at how the game is looking, courtesy of Sony.


It looks sick. Not only does it look sick. But even more importantly, it looks faithful. Crash Bandicoot always had a very unique control scheme. A particularly rhythmic and sharp method of avoiding obstacles and picking up collectables that looks to have been retained perfectly here. This does seem to be in all intents and purposes a purely graphical overhaul taking into account, visuals, light and sound, and in my opinion that’s exactly what was needed.

If it ain’t broke, you know?

The N.Sane Trilogy will offer you up a Crash-Tacular collection of Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes back, and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, all originally produced by the ever impressive Naughty Dog.

If you want to see further comparison, check out the below video for a full run through of the Crash Bandicoot 2 level: Sewer or Later.

Pick this up on PS4 come June 30th for around the £28 mark, and be sure to check us out for the full review.

Peace out, Crashers X