Hey there, Crashers!

It pains me to say it, but we live in a cynical, CYNICAL world. One in which innocent Japanese entertainment companies are mercilessly accused of stealing the identity of famous footballers without paying for the privilege in order to promote some sort of capitalist agenda! I’ve never heard such a ridiculous thing in my li-…

Oh, wait…

No fucks given


Yes, I think we can say it’s pretty Gorram obvious Konami tried to pull a fast one this time round, and hoped no-one would notice. The cheeky sausages.

The most bizarre aspect of this whole shebang is that in the past, Konami have tried (and failed) to use Maradona’s likeness under a pseudonym. This time however, they seem to have foregone all attempts to disguise the identity theft and slap Maradona’s name right next to his portrait. And apparently they thought that would work…

The legal disputes kicked off in March of this year, and have swiftly come to an out of court settlement according to El Eco. Originally, Konami denied all the naughty allegations stating “our company is using [this player] appropriately, with the basis of the license within the contract.”

They soon decided to accept that they were talking total bollocks and paid the Argentinian footballing Demi-God an undisclosed sum to drop the lawsuit. To top it all off, he’ll now be promoting PES for the next 3 years as an official ambassador.

No hard feelings, I guess?

Maradona’s a decent fellow though, and is reportedly donating a portion of the received sum to improving grass-roots football facilities in his home country.

What a Legend!

That’s a win.