Sup Crashers!

Any Rocket League player knows full well how addictive the hunt for shiny new Battlecar gear can be. Everyone wants to stand out. Fortunately for us, Psyonix are actively aware of this irrational yearning for digital individuality and continue to supply us with updates that include seasonal events and new crate variations (that require you to purchase keys in order to open). They’re not thick.

Psyonix have confirmed on the Rocket League Website that due to customer feedback (and it’s nice to see that’s taken on board for a change), we have a returning fan favourite in the form of the Neo Tokyo map! Many of you will remember this map for having what many considered to be sickeningly irritating high ramps on each side of the level. You’ll be pleased to know that those ramps have now been removed for all game modes, and the map will continue to be featured on the primary roster.

Time to Drift back into Tokyo, minus the ramps!

However, if you should so be inclined to play the original version of Neo Tokyo, it is for now still available in offline and private matches only, replacing the Underpass Map.

For those of you like myself that thought the Batmobile battle car released in 2016 was an over-polished wank-stain lacking in any subtle coolness or class, the Nitro crate also gives you an alternative option if you want that incredibly flat hitbox that the Batmobile achieved without the “I’m a wanker badge” that goes with it. The Mantis arrives as a limited drop in the Nitro crate.

This is what cool looks like…

The crate will also contain some sick wheels, decals, rocket trails and black market customisations. Check out a sneak peak below.

Better start saving keys…


Psyonix also recently revealed their range of real life pull back toys due to be released in June. Cool as these are, most people may not be too pressed to get these if they’re over the age of 11 – Present Crashers excluded. We love this shit, right?

Oh hell yeah, we do!

But no, in order to get the regular Joes and Normaloids forking out for these little models, Psyonix have confirmed that they will be offering unique codes with “Rare” and “Very Rare” models.  These will be redeemable for unique sets of items in-game, and will offer the fans another way to pimp their ride ahead of the competition. You’ll have to be pretty lucky though, as the cars are delivered randomly concealed within a ball, and the majority won’t offer any codes at all.

Psyonix continue to impress me with their level of dedication and innovation to the base game, and the efforts they go to in order to increase their customer base and retain their original players. The not so long ago introduced gameplay variant Drop Shot was in my opinion a huge success, and although I don’t play it as religiously as the main game, it’s great to have an alternative when you start to stress out at the sarcastic little shits throwing “Nice Shot!” comments at you whenever you miss an absolute sitter.

I’ve got it. Wait no, fuck. No, okay here it is. No, wait. Shut up. I’ve got it. Oh fuck this.

Psyonix are promising more changes with the update, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what they entail.

The update hits at 11pm BST.