Evening Crashers!

You know, every now and then there’s a moment in history that you remember forever. A moment so pivotal that you never look at the World the same way. A moment that touches you so intimately, you feel a little bit abused.

Leeroy Jenkins was one of those moments.

It was 2004 when the “Pals for Life” clan were meticulously planning their World of Warcraft strategy in taking down the infamous dragon’s lair. The area of the game was notoriously easy to screw up, and so required the combination of both a great team and great strategy. Unfortunately Leeroy wasn’t at his computer during this pivotal planning process, preoccupied with preparing his dinner.

Alliteration, Bitch!

Despite their best efforts, Leeroy soon returns with his food and…

You know what… Just watch it yourself. Everyone needs to.


Ah, shit. That’s still so good.

The clip went viral and launched Leeroy Jenkins into international fame. It even resulted in Leeroy being given an honourary position as a playable card in the 2006 World of Warcraft card game. He even got his own “Leeeeeeroy!” achievement within the base game itself, cementing his place in history as – and I’m not exaggerating here – one of the most important figures in history, ever.



If you need any more convincing, here he is referenced in a question in the wildly popular “Jeopardy”.

Need we say more? I didn’t think so.

So let us take this day to remember, respect and boldly salute one of America’s Greatest Heroes.

Leeroy Jenkins.

At least he has Chicken.