Blacksmith Slots is a mobile game which sees you attempting to save a medieval world from the peril of an all-consuming Purple slime via the medium of playing slot machines that vend various raw materials, armour, weapons and fruit. Got it? Good.

As the spin-off to the successful mobile title Pixel Blacksmith, developer Jake Lee presents another subtly addictive title you can play wherever and whenever you please. For me, the ideal mobile game is one that I can play on my phone whenever I damn well want to: Waiting in line at the Post Office – spins. Tending to PPI scam phone calls – spins. Waiting for my dogs to finish a poop on a walk – spins. This is certainly a compulsive, retro-styled, quick-hit title of fun you can play on the go.

Now it may not be everybody’s cup of tea. I for one stray away from gambling in the real world, but when you’re reaping hundreds of pairs of Bronze Gloves, and desperately scavenging resources to gamble for a few more Partial Bananas it’s hard to not get sucked in to the clever gameplay and mini-games ‘Slots has to offer.

So many gloves, i’m ballin’….

Blacksmith Slots works by a simple gameplay mechanic. You play a slot machine to reap loot that is used to unlock different areas and slots in the game. Simple as it sounds, the challenge is set perfectly as some items are harder to win than others, and often a proverbial wall is reached where you run out of resources and have to wait for time-triggered bonuses that replenish your inventory and enable you to carry on gambling. This is a very clever system to stop you advancing through the game way too quickly, lowering the difficulty and rendering the game dull and redundant in the black sea of apps on your device. (There are replenishment items you can purchase from the online store to advance quicker in the game if you are the impatient type!). Often there are non-item related goals to achieve in order to unlock further areas, for example, making 2500 spins in total to progress to the next land (phew…).

1046 Spins to go. Just keep spinning, just keep spinning….

Having got very used to numerous next-gen, AAA super HD console titles, I have to confess- it’s been a treat to revisit the charm of classic Game Boy/Game Gear style artwork and animations, and as with many of those old school titles, the fun reveals itself in the gameplay of Blacksmith Slots, which, as I have mentioned is muchly addictive. There’s only one musical track which backs the spinning, but this is a truly soothing medieval number which fitted the feel of the game perfectly. Without sounding demanding, I would have loved some more variety in the mini-games to add some depth to the gameplay and wondrous little characters that exist in the many lands of the title.

“It’s been a treat to revisit the charm of classic Game Boy/Game Gear style artwork and animations”

Easy Wormboy. Literally no chill with the assumptions.


“[Blacksmith Slots’] cute charm and addictive grinding gameplay are something all ages can enjoy on mobile devices and tablets”

Blacksmith Slots is an enjoyable mobile game you can dip in and out of through your day to day dealings. Its cute charm and addictive grinding gameplay are something all ages can enjoy on mobile devices and tablets, and I would recommend anyone to give it a spin. Just watch out for the geezer who wants to rinse you of all your fruit….

That’s a serious fruit habit you’ve got there….

Blacksmith Slots Review for Android - We Love A Dirty Slot
+ Original, quirky concept+Simple and addictive+Great replay value
- Could do with a few more mini-games.
8Quirky and Unique