Square Enix is to deliver a much loved and historically significant JRPG in February 2018 with a fully updated re-release of Secret Of Mana 2.

Originally released in Japan in 1993 on the Super Famicom or Snes under the title Seiken Densetsu 2, this game has gone onto become one of the most highly regarded JRPG’s of all time. It was released recently in its original form in Japan on The Nintendo Switch along with the first and third Mana titles as part of The Mana Collection earlier this year, but it’s a welcome and unexpected surprise to see that The West is to be reintroduced to this classic action RPG as a standalone and modernised title for Steam and Playstation systems.

According to the Gamescom announcement, Secret of Mana “retains its long-held charm while incorporating improvements such as upgraded gameplay for modern platforms and a newly arranged musical score.” Reportedly the game will also provide full voice-overs, as well as 3 player online co-op, with the vita version having local co-op, already making this a key highlight for Q1 2018.

Check out the announcement trailer below!