It’s far too early to say that I told you so. I still want to believe that Naughty Dog have our best interests at heart.

But seriously, wtf?!

The first trailer dropped at E3, and it was a clanger! Joel’s aged like a fine wine, Ellie’s learnt how to play the guitar. I was fist pumping at this point! Dark and macabre, just the mood I wanted the teaser to portray, TLOU hit us in the feels so frequently on our first outing, I expected nothing less!

“I walk through the valley with the shadow of death”

You’ll remember that I spun a rather controversial article up not long ago explaining how I believed that Naughty Dog could very easily string us along after their first installment. They assured us during E3 that they would only continue with the story if they predicted it would work; but now a second teaser trailer has landed during the Paris Games Week – a fairly lengthy clip standing over 5 minutes long.

But where were our favorite game duo?

More dark, gritty compelling viewing; visually it’s astonishing. The overwhelming violence may alienate those not familiar with TLOU’s cruel atmosphere, but any real fan knows this is to be expected! The female leads bode well; I personally love to play through games with alternate power structures. The hanging victim’s character model and immediately apparent badass characterisation was superb – she was stacked! A testament to the requirements in order to survive in this now brutal existence – male or female.  The whole scene screamed further degeneration and regression of society, could we hope for even more destabilisation of the original governments and military? More cults, heretics and zealots? Just more nail-biting situations in general?

What I’d give for tri’s like this!

The exchange between the two victims indicates that there are three factions at a minimum. We had The Fireflies, Military and Government Response Team among other human groups ranging from cannibals, smugglers and bandits in TLOU. Could we see other groups stand to oppose the key players now? A power struggle for dominance perhaps?

More dynamic groups?

The latest trailer juggles lots of new ideas and themes, the main one being that maybe the focus will at least in part be taken away from Joel and Ellie, which after the final events of TLOU is the natural progression. Ellie was the fabled next step in the evolution, and Joel’s paternal love for her rid the world of that opportunity. It’s only fair to see the repercussions of those actions for both Ellie and Joel and those subsequently affected by his choice. How will the guilt lay on his conscience now? There’s only so much one man that burns every bridge he crosses can take!

It’s possible that this introduction of new characters could be a promotional ploy from Naughty Dog; a textbook bait and switch. We’ll argue for the months leading up to release day about where the story might go, and naughty dog might lead us into a few red herrings along the way, but at the end of the day regardless of the outcome we’ll all call in sick and binge our lives away, and the thank you’s, apologies and demands for more will roll in.

Will this story be the one we want or predicted? It’s hard to tell at this point.

If you’ve not yet seen the clip, do yourself a favour and have a badgers below at the Premiere at the Paris Games Week.

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Mike Out.